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Corporate Storytelling 

Alingo offers your company a unique marketing profile!

A unique company story gives you an enormous head start in the competition for customers. And, contrary to expensive advertising in the daily press, it lasts forever.

After a thorough interview, popping the right questions, your company will have its own unique story to be published on your website. Show the story to your staff, and let them pass it on to the customers. Happy customers will spread your company's story like seeds are dispersed by the wind, and with the speed of a wildfire.

Google Storytelling, and discover its enormous impact. Read some of the more prominent companies' stories and then sign up for a company story of your own!


Proofreading and editing

Most enterprises are well aware of the power of PR and pay large sums of money for design of logotypes, websites, brochures and other material attracting the consumer.

Nevertheless, after the initial attraction, it is vital that the overall impression of the company is that of a serious and trustworthy business. For this, fancy design alone does not suffice. The message to be communicated is most often in the form of text. The task of this text is to convince the consumer to purchase something from this particular company!

The content of the text is of course important, but how the text is formulated is even more vital.

Writing your own text saves a lot of money – the importance of which should not be underestimated. But to have someone scrutinizing your text, "polishing" it, thereby making it not only snazzy but also correct, is smart. A correct text gives a serious and trustworthy impression! It mirrors your company.

Alingo offers your company a "polishing" service of your text, be it on your website, in brochures or in other PR-materials. You can also subscribe to such a service, to maintain a high quality of the updating of all PR-text.

Other services include translation (English to Swedish and vice versa) and proofreading/correction of other kinds of documents (see also Science).

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