The total time required for reading and correcting a text varies depending on the type and complexity of the material. For this reason, I charge per hour rather than per word. My hourly fee is 550 SEK/hour excl. VAT.

Enterprises may opt for payment per 1000 words. The price is 650 SEK/1000 words* excl. VAT. The advantage is an exact cost estimation.

All clients want the work done at a high speed, at a low price and with high quality! I can offer you two out of these three. You choose the two. Offering you all three would not only be dishonest but also amateurish.


When the work is completed, it may be necessary to resolve minor ambiguities in the text. This is included in the service; no fee is charged for that time.


For a free estimate, please send a sample page of the text. It is important that it is representative for the document.


*plain text, i.e. not technical or scientific.