"Dr Lilian Westlin is a very highly rated scientist, educationalist, author and linguist who now provides an outstanding service concerning better written communication, in English and Swedish, in terms of the press, media, companies, and science. Following her doctorate, Lilian's research focussed primarily on reproductive physiology at universities in Sweden and South Africa, and was published in a range of leading international publications. She is a skilled, dedicated and effective teacher at all levels and in various environments, and indeed, has guided and supervised doctoral research. Lilian is an independent success as an acute business woman but social and caring with her colleagues and clientele. She writes and communicates exceptionally well in her mother tongue and English and is a delight to work with. Dr Westlin has created a niche for all of those requiring a sophisticated service in terms of translation, editing, publishing, CV preparation, media representation and the like. She is sunshine on a rainy day. I very strongly, happily and willingly recommend Dr Lilian Westlin to you all."

Mike Perrin, BSc Hons., PhD, FRS S Afr., Professor Emeritus and Honorary Research Fellow, Director of the Research Centre for African Parrot Conservation, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


"Dr Lilian Westlin is an exceptional scientist and has incredible writing skills. Her past experience as a scientist and proficient author allows her not only to read through documents from students and staff alike, but also to question and enhance the way in which a subject is put across. Lilian is indeed an incredibly hard working person who likes to ensure high standards are maintained. I fully recommend her to anyone who requires translational skills or proof-reading of documents, papers and theses."

 Nigel Bennett, Professor at the Mammal Research Institute, University of Pretoria, South Africa.


"We usually send the publications to Lilian for the language corrections. We are very happy with her services and the corrections and comments." 

 Mohammad Taherzadeh, Professor and Director of Resource Recovery at the University of Borås. Sweden.


"Dr Lilian Westlin is the kind of person that you need to enlist when "all is lost" because she somehow always manages to save the situation. Meticulous, reliable and creative in her editorial work, I strongly recommend her for those wishing to have a high acceptance rate of their publications." 

Dr Linley Chiwona-Karltun, Director of Studies - Research Associate at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Uppsala, Sweden.


"Lilian Westlin is a committed scientist with energy and drive, and has the ability to complete often difficult tasks she has undertaken. She is an achiever and a tireless worker."

Marthan Bester, Professor at University of Pretoria, South Africa.


"I find Dr Westlin reliable, conscientious, resolute and anxious to get the job done in time for students/customers, Furthermore, she is creative and fun to work with."

Louise Bonta, owner of Kommunikationsnyckeln, previously Language/Corporate Development Manager, Folkuniversitetet, Norrköping, Sweden.


"I recommend Dr Lilian Westlin for her careful editing and language check of manuscripts."

Vilborg Palsdottir, Dept. molecular and clinical medicine, Inst. Medicine, Gothenburg, Sweden.


"I got help from Dr Lilian in translating a nutritional brochure from English to Swedish. Not only did she translate it, with her background she could also help me get the facts corrected. And she made me a sketch to make it visual too. Thanks to Dr Lilian I got a highly professional brochure for my Swedish Clients. On a personal plan - she is a lot of fun as well."

Annette Fridh, owner of AT Företagstjänst, Fridås Rönås, Sjöbo, Sweden.


"Lilian has demonstrated an excellent knowledge as a proofreader. Lilian is working systematically to complete editing in time."

Birgitta Bisholt, nurse, Karlstad, Sweden.


"I've lived in Sweden for over 10 years, and I have no problem speaking the language, but when it comes to professional communication, it's important that I represent my business in the best light possible. It is therefore that I regularly use Lilian's services to correct the language on my website and in my marketing materials. Lilian catches all the little mistakes that would otherwise distract from my message, and she also takes the time to explain "We don't really say it that way" and suggests alternatives. I'm always impressed by Lilian's personal service and how quickly she is able to get my materials back to me."

Lani Noreke, photographer,


"Dr Lilian Westlin is a careful and accurate proof-reader, cooperative, encouraging and effecient."

Karin Johannesson, Professor and senior lecturer in Religion Philosophy at the Theological institute, University of Uppsala, Sweden.


"Besides reflecting positive attributes such as reliability, dependability, integrity, efficiency and flexibility, Lilian is also adept at time management and gets things done without undue delay. Her extensive scientific background, insight, impressive publication record and command of English make her the ideal person for accurate scientific editing and publication preparation. I recommend her without reservation."

John Soley, Professor at the Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Onderstepoort, University of Pretoria, South Africa.


"Dr Lilian is fast-working, has a great linguistic sensitivity, and is very nice to work with."

Per Nyström, PhD, Dept. Archival Science, University of Uppsala, Sweden.


"It is never easy to find someone to help you from start to finish with the most understated, although important, documents for your future! Lilian provides you with such services through her company Alingo! Whether it be a resumé, a CV, research project, thesis, company website, and more, Alingo helps you get the writing sorted out according to your requirements with a fine touch of expertise! With her high level of competence as an editor, Lilian helped me write my CV, which landed me, not one, but three jobs as a medical doctor in acknowledged hospitals in Stockholm! I am sticking close to her in the future with confidence that she will do a fantastic job when I need help with other projects!"

Robel Malki, medical student at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.


"Lilian is a capable translator who is willing to work with you in order to make sure you are satisfied. She will jump in when needed in a crunch and assist in not only getting the translation done, but also making sure the translation fits within the formatting guidelines of the document."

Erik Noreke, logistics expert, Sjöbo, Sweden.


"Dr Lilian Westlin is an exceptional scientist and has incredible writing skills. I fully recommend her to anyone who requires proof-reading of documents and scientific papers."

Gunnar Svensson, Med Dr, the Central Hospital, Kristianstad.